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Meet Jonathan

Jonathan Dromgoole is a community leader focused on increasing representation for the Latinx & LGBTQ+ community through policy and public service. Jonathan is a first-generation double graduate of Georgetown University (SFS ‘16 & MPP ‘19). Jonathan’s professional and personal achievements have focused on social good and people-centered policies that enhance diverse representation from international development practices to local activism.

Jonathan has worked with and advised ambassadors, policymakers, elected officials, and community leaders, while also serving on various local and national partisan and non-partisan boards. He currently lives with his husband, Juan, and their two dogs in Northern Virginia.

Meet Jonathan

Pride in Community 

Growing up in a working-class family instilled in Jonathan an understanding of adversity, discrimination, and income equality that only comes through lived experiences. "You can't speak Spanish here", "If one Mexican fails, you all deserve to fail" and "Go back to your country" were all too common for Jonathan to hear from his teachers as early as the second grade. Instead of breaking him, Jonathan used this to become resilient and combat stereotypes.


Jonathan is no stranger to being the first or the youngest in many of the spaces he inhabits. While breaking barriers for the LGBTQ+ and Latinx community he is also building bridges to bring forward the next generation of leaders. 


Juntos se puede


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