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Image by James Quinn

Priorities for Arlington

Jonathan is running for Arlington County Board to bring his diverse voice and perspective to the policy conversations. His community-driven policy priorities are centered around promoting small business growth and opportunity, climate resiliency, housing access and affordability, sustainable infrastructure and transportation, and inclusive communities for all who want to call Arlington home.

Jonathan is running for Arlington County Board member because he believes in the possibility of our community when we are all included.

Small Business Opportunity

Create greater incentives and assistance to small and independent business leaders to facilitate the creation of opportunities for businesses to thrive across our county and become center points for our community. 


Climate Resiliency

Ensure that Arlington is ready to take on the challenges of a changing climate through its 2035 commitments while increasing access to urban green spaces to rebuild community and connections after years of loss and isolation.


Housing Access and Affordability

Expand housing opportunity to ensure that all those who want want to buy into the American Dream and want to call our community home are able to do. 


Sustainable Infrastructure & Transportation

Invest in safe and efficient multi-modal transportation for our residents and visitors that is accessible, reliable, and environmentally beneficial while reducing the stress and congestion to the broader network.


Inclusive Community

Our county is reflective of our nation not just in its diversity, but in the opportunity and possibility concentrated just within 26 miles. We must not just produce talent, but invest and retain some of the nation's top talent. 

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