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Priorities for Arlington

Jonathan is running for Arlington County Board to bring his diverse voice and perspective to the policy conversations. His community-driven policy priorities are centered around promoting small business growth and opportunity, housing access and affordability, climate resiliency and smart growth, and sustainable infrastructure development for all who want to call Arlington home.

Jonathan is running for Arlington County Board member because I believe in the possibility of our community when we are all included.

Small Business Growth & Opportunity

The possibility of an Arlington where small businesses thrive across our county and become the center points for our community.

  • Expand incentives and assistance to small business leaders

  • Facilitate the process 

  • Promote and collaborate with local business

Housing Access & Affordability

Increase affordable housing options and housing opportunities for all across the county. Increase housing standards and implement protections for residents. The possibility of an Arlington where the conversation isn’t just about increasing housing availability, but ensuring that this housing is affordable for all those who choose to call our community home.

Sustainable Infrastructure & Transportation

Advocate for pedestrian and bicycle-safe design, and invest in green vehicle charging stations. Build on the concept that we are the gateway to Virginia. An Arlington where we can be proud leaders in sustainable infrastructure development and reliable public transportation systems.

Climate Resiliency & Smart Growth

Ensure that Arlington is ready to take on the challenges of a changing climate. Increase greenspaces in Arlington. The possibility of an Arlington with increased greenspaces to rebuild community and connections after years of loss and isolation.

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